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Collaborated with pumibless and Shantanu Nair

It's been only two days since you've had your last meal (an ordinary occurance as a starving artist), but you've been staring straight at your moniter screen for the past 48 hours. Nonstop. Unblinkingly searching for anything - photos, videos, any articles and interviews of the MAN, the legend himself, Keanu Reeves. You obviously hold a very unhealthy obsession with the man, but who am I to blame you for your devotion? (Honestly speaking, great choice!) 

 However, at one point your eyes begin to droop so low until you can no longer raise your eyelids. The last thing you see before they completely close is flash of light that seems to engulf you. When you awake you feel yourself seated in a comfy, velvety cushion... But now's not the time to drift back to sleep. What seems to be in front of you is a wooden round table with five other individuals seated in their own chair. The same characteristic that you all share seems to be heavy bags underneath your eyes that imply extreme lack of sleep. 

 You are the first to voice your confusion of this place, while others follow suit. It's only until one of people surrounding this table, a purple-headed girl with thick, black frames, starts babbling out incoherent words except for two that clearly spell out a very, VERY, familiar name, that you feel you realize why everyone is here.  For the five-star Keanu Reeves. After this thought, you feel as though the air has gone still, and that a dangeous glint has appeared in everybody's eyes, but you're the same. You too wish to hold the card in your hands and to feel the cold warmth of it. And for that reason, you all draw your cards.

[Designed for 4~6 Players]


The goal of this game is to acquire as many targets as possible. This will be done by placing trait cards and arguing/discussing with your fellow Love Rivals. The first player to get 15 total stars wins the game. If no one has 15 points by the time all the targets have been captured, whoever has the highest points wins the game.


Targets: Capturable love interests that are rated by stars (1-5 stars), each love interest has blanks to be filled "by trait cards" 

Trait cards: cards used to fill the blanks of target blanks, they are categorized under nine different topics (Hobbies, Food, Items, Music Genre, Proficiency, Animals, Personality, Occupations, Vehicles), higher rated targets will have more specific blank requirements that give love rivals a chance to score bonus star points 

Action Cards: These are cards that will be used during play to either draw new cards, replace a love rival's trait card on the field or a special card that only the Mediator of Love can use

[Scroll down to view more information on the different types of cards]


  1. Love rivals will draw a hand of five from the "drawing pile" (this is made up of trait cards and action cards) at the start of the game, then figure out who will start as the Mediator of Hearts (a judge position that will be passed on clockwise to the next player). 
  2. With two capturable targets laid down on the field, rivals will place down their most suitable categorized or non-categorized card [trait card] to fill the target's blanks
  3. Rivals will then debate for their trait card while reasoning with the current round's mediator why their card is better than the rest.
  4. As the mediator, your job is to hear the arguments amongst the love rivals and choose what you feel is the best one. If you are choosing before hearing arguments, other rivals may chip in and oppose the decision to possibly change the mediator's choice.  [Note that the mediator of the round will not place any cards, but listen to the rivals' debates for their own cards and at the end choose which love rival deserves the captured target, get ready for intellectual and eloquent warfare]
  5.  After targets are claimed by individual love rivals, the next round will begin by having the next rival (clockwise to mediator before) place down new targets from the target pile. The rest of the trait cards on the field and any action cards used during play will be placed in a discard pile.  [Note that if a target on the field was not claimed, place them at the bottom of the target pile to refresh the field]


These people are the main objectives of the game, you and your fellow rivals are competing for the affection of these targets. There are a total of 13 targets:
•  Four 1-star targets
•  Four 2-star targets
•  Two 3-star targets
•  Two 4-star targets •  One 5-star target
Trait cards
The main cards that will be played from players’ hands, each card is categorized to fit different blanks. There are a total of 46 trait cards. The categories are as follows: 
•  5 Hobby cards 
•  6 Food cards 
•  6 Item cards 
•  4 Music Genre cards 
•  4 Proficiency/Specialty cards 
•  5 Animal cards 
•  5 Personality type cards 
•  4 Occupation cards 
•  6 Vehicle cards
Declaration of Love
These cards allows the current Mediator of Love join the battle for one of the targets on the field. In order to play a Declaration of Love, one must slam the card down on the table and yell a cheesy pick-up line.
Action cards 
These are cards that will be used during play to either draw new cards, replace a love rival’s trait card on the field or try to claim a target if they are the judge.
(Note that for "Declaration of Love", after used the player can only go for one target)


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